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500,000+ views: How Fly with Rye Drives Business Through Social Media

Andrew Savage
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If you live in Windsor, and you don’t know who Fly with Rye (Ryan Ouellette) is you definitely need to check him out on Instagram.

Today we are looking at his Instagram specifically.

Meet Ryan Ouellette, Windsor’s Eye in the Sky

  • Top-tier drone photographer and videographer
  • Mainly shoots in Windsor, Ontario
  • Highlights beautiful scenery, businesses, and the Windsor vibe
  • Many of Ryan’s videos reach thousands of viewers, with some reaching as high as 80k views

The Art of Local Focus: How Fly with Rye Captivates Windsor

Apart from the quality and detail of each photo and video Ryan has set himself up for success in a few areas.

  • The focus is local, and consistently local. This aids in building a more centralized following geographically (people who love Windsor and want to see more of it – individuals and businesses).
  • By taking photos of local events and posting them he attracts the eyes of other organizations and businesses looking for UGC (user-generated content) to share. Which in turn expands his reach and brand.
  • There are other collaborations with businesses from Windsor on Instagram. Doubling up the reach and visibility of his posts + providing the same benefit to businesses who are shown to his own followers…and the best part, his followers love to see this because it’s in Windsor.
  • Engaging with his followers, Ryan doesn’t just post and ignore his followers comments, he talks with them. This creates more engagement, more interests, and a more loyal following.

Opportunities for Fly with Rye’s Online Presence

  • Posting consistently is probably the biggest area many businesses struggle with, and Fly with Rye could use a few more posts to be consistent (ideally once a day minimum). This is going to help increase follower count, exposure, and most likely provide more business.
  • Ryan could try to change his caption style a bit to be more interactive or garner more of a response. This might look like:
    • Tag 3 of your friends you are taking *here* this fall
    • If you see yourself or your friends, tag them
  • Humanize the brand a bit and post a personal video introducing who Ryan is
    • Talk about experience, equipment that are used, and what you look for when shooting a video

Evaluating Instagram’s ROI: The Tangible Benefits for Fly with Rye

  • By showcasing his abilities, skills, and companies he has worked with he adds immense credibility and reputation that ads can’t buy.
  • Businesses are finding or being referred to Ryan based on his Instagram such as Adventure Bay, Windsor-Essex EMS, City of Windsor, and more.
  • Ryan’s next step should be to explore additional strategies to drive followers to his website, where he can convert them into customers for prints or drone work.

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